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(Exhibited in Gothenburg, Sweden 2022)

Transisting (Am I Somebody Else in Private?)
is an immersive textile and video installation that invites you to step into the lived experience of 
non-binary identity, portrayed as a state of constant, non-linear, transformation.


The narrative follows three characters, each from a different age and gender identity, exploring different aspects of their queer identity.

Each character is played by Elliott, suggesting that each is only one side of a constantly shifting and multifaceted existence of their own non-binary reality.

The mission of this work is to create an impactful, immersive experience that provides a safe and inclusive space for visitors to explore and reflect on their own identities, and to discuss non-binary and genderfluid experiences, portrayed as a process of ongoing transformation.

LGBTQI+ themes are getting increasingly popular in mainstream society, but the existence of genderfluid and/or non-binary identities is still a severely under-represented minority. This installation opens the door to an empathetic portrayal of non-binary identity that you may even see reflected in yourself.


Creative Direction, concept, writer and performer: Elliott Nicole

Director & writer: Brian Andrew Hose

Music Producer: AlBird

AI art: Makoto Inoue

DoP: Calle Eriksson 

Costume Design: Maja Silfwergård

Set Designer: Amir Baltic

Editor: Sabrina Rücker

Assistant Director: Josh Carver 


Sponsored by Kulturungdom

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Transisting__1.43.2 (1).jpg
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