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Constraints Constructed

Constraints Constructed, exhibited at East of Elsewhere (Berlin, Germany 2018)

”A power symbol, stitched with masculinity; the modern suit has remained stylistically unaltered for centuries. J. Waller takes the tension between the continuity of this garment and the refitting of contemporary understandings of gender and sexuality as the starting point for the exhibition. Using the suit as their core motif, J. Waller seeks to unthread the structures that constrain self-expression and constrict the full experience of gender.


Much of J. Waller’s work falls within a continually shifting spectrum of opposites: light to dark, masculine to feminine,  subconscious to expressed, anchored to unbound. As each constitutive piece of the show becomes an expression of the artist’s state of mind while creating it, together the work approximates the range or scale of J. Waller’s lived experience. J. Waller aims to foster an immersive experience for the viewer and conveys a sense that identity and its many past iterations are anything but static. Further, J. Waller investigates their hypothesis that clothes both determine the way the world sees us, and simultaneously change the way that we see the world.


Throughout the exhibition, collaborating artists will be invited to spend time in the installation, responding to the space and developing a creative dialogue with J. Waller. The closing performance will be a culmination of the ideas that have been shaped and styled within the physical and conceptual environment. J. Waller’s work does not dictate a view, rather it encourages self-definition. The space will be open to the public for the duration of the show for reflection and reaction to the installation. - East of Elsewhere, part of concept text for exhibition. 

Funded by Göteborgs Kulturungdom 

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