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Natural // Unnatural


Natural // Unnatural (Exhibited in Portugal, Funchal 2019)

What becomes with the internal in a digitalized world, where nature is asking to be loved, and humanity too? The confusion of a human natural experience, of finding a centered self, at a time where nature takes back its ruling. The film deals with the disconnection modern society has created from one another, and from nature itself. A world of where we forgot that nature is what created us. The textiles are too carrying reflections of symbols, dwelling into the core and flesh of our material selves. In this art piece Self acceptance and growing a strong sense of self, is thought to be based on listening and following nature.

Natural // Unnatural is a multimedia performative installation made by Elliott Nicole J. Waller in collaboration with Sebastian Dráb and Asako Fujimoto. 

This art piece contains an installation with large scale textile artworks hanging from the ceiling. When the visitor enters the architecture, they hear an ambient experimental sound and around them there is a video playing. The video is a dance piece, set in Madeira, which expresses the above mentioned topics of which every other craft is reflecting as well. 

Natural // Unnatural becomes a room where the audience is invited to reflect upon the topics of which the artwork addresses. Touching upon the philosophy of the human relationship to its nature, and how that relates to our own psychological well being - it aims to make people reconsider and find empathy both for themselves and everything that surrounds them. 

Art direction, concept and performance: Elliott Nicole J. Waller 

Motion art: Sebastian Dráb 

Sound art: Asako Fujimoto 

Camera and direction: Maté Valtr 

Concept development and assistance: Zuzana Veliká 

Management: Beáta Zubáká

Sponsored by Kulturungdom

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