Did textiles turn us into walking installations rather than breathing

nature? Thin layers between your bodily lines and the exterior.


Exhibited at KOSMOS & performed in Studio Maar, Berlin 2019.


”A power symbol, stitched with masculinity; the modern suit has remained stylistically unaltered for centuries. J. Waller takes the tension between the continuity of this garment and the refitting of contemporary understandings of gender and sexuality as the starting point for the exhibition. Using the suit as their core motif, J. Waller seeks to unthread the structures that constrain self-expression and constrict the full experience of gender." 


- Gallery East of Elsewhere, (Berlin, Germany 2018)

Doesn't Suit me (berlin)

Textile installation, building the abstract room and moment within of which gender and identity is confronted, in collaboration with Sarnt Utamachote and Julia Svantesson.

Photos from live performance, improvisational (fashion) design process. In collaboration with photographer Kelvin Bügler and performance artist Simone Boorques.


Installed and performed in Berlin, 2017. 


These artworks discovers the relation between rapid hand gestures made with acrylic, and its transformation into another material. From a static canvas to moving textiles, shaped by the uncontrolled exterior. When colour hits the surface of another fibre, the complete original source has changed its full atmosphere of being. 


Exhibited at A Seis Manos (Bogotá, Colombia 2017)


A collaborative group exhibition with Japanese fashion designer Eru Akazawa and fashion photographer Karin Shikata.  Capturing the cultural contrast between Tokyo and Berlin, J. Waller was asked to interpret a fashion shoot with their artistic point of view, questioning the boundaries and frameworks of fashion illustrations. These illustrations deconstructs the gender of the models.


Exhibited at Gallery JIB (Tokyo, Japan 2016)

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