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Elliott Nicole is a Swedish/Polish multimedia artist and creative director based in Berlin and Gothenburg. With a background in software design, their artistry primarily revolves around tech and digital arts specifically focusing on performance art. They delve into the exploration of presenting performance art as an immersive experience, often incorporating elements of acting, dance and video art. Their artistic work is experimental in nature and constantly questioning.

Besides their passion for film, Elliott also creates textile installations and paintings. They employ both online and offline spaces to craft immersive experiences for viewers, allowing them to interact with and engage in their artwork.

Elliott Nicole has held several solo exhibitions, including "Transisting" in The Templet, Gothenburg, Sweden (2022), "Natural // Unnatural" in Funchal, Portugal (2019), "Constraints Constructed" in Berlin, Germany (2018), and "Shapes of Abstract Movements" in Bogotá, Colombia (2017).

Furthermore, Elliott has participated in various group exhibitions, such as "Pineapple" in OpenSea (2021), "AEI" in Athens, Greece, and Jönköping Museum, Sweden (2020), "Doesn't Suit Me" in Miami, USA, and Canada (2017), and "Morgen Morgen" in Tokyo, Japan (2016).

Their work was also chosen to be featured and documented at the European Union's 2020 AI summit in Dubai, where they were one of two artists representing Sweden. In addition to that, Elliott has collaborated with the Stockholm Royal Academy of Technology, contributing to research on the intersection of AI and the arts.


Recognizing their artistic skills, Elliott Nicole's projects have received grants from organizations like "Göteborgs Kulturungdom," "Otto och Charlottes Mannheimers fond," and others in Sweden.

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