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J. Waller (b. 1994, Gothenburg, Sweden) is a non-binary artist  who lives and works between Berlin and Gothenburg.  

J. Waller expresses themselves through textile installations, video art and dance. With their identity and perspective, they wish to rework textiles as a material away from female gendered associations. They often use the internet to seek an understanding of new rooms where art can flourish. 


Their foundation was developed during their studies in fashion design on various educations around Europe, such as The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and ESMOD Berlin. In 2019 J. Waller completed their BA at Akademie Mode Design (Berlin). Exhibiting their art on the side of their studies eventually led to the decision to fully commit to the practice of fine arts. With their in total 9 years of studies of and working with textiles, J. Waller discusses how to preserve cultural crafts in a digital global age. Their installations become an alternative space where the audience too create the experience. 


Recent solo exhibitions include Shapes of Abstract Movements, Expo Bogotá, Colombia (2017), Constraints Constructed, Berlin, Germany (2018) and Natural // Unnatural, Funchal, Portugal (2019). Selected group exhibitions include, Pineapple, OpenSea (2021), AEI, Athens, Greece & Jönköping Museum, Sweden (2020),  Doesn´t Suit Me, Miami, USA & Canada (2017), Morgen Morgen, Tokyo, Japan (2016). J. Wallers projects have previously received Swedish grants from ”Göteborgs Kulturungdom”, ”Otto och Charlottes Mannheimers fond” and many more. 2013 they received the recognition as an artist by winning the Gothenburg Culture Price for young artists. 

Other skills include:

Completed studies in; Art Theory with a focus on Digital Arts, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Project Management, Psychology and South East Asian Philosophies & Religions. 

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