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Unfinished Lines

(Exhibited in KOSMOS, Berlin 2019)

This exhibition embodies the idea of perpetual growth and evolution. It represents the exploration of new spaces through simple gestures, constantly in the process of becoming. However, our progress is often hindered by the barriers that separate us from the world around us. In this realm, the unseen elements become an integral part of the atmosphere, shaping our experiences. It is like being carried by the depths of the wind, as if it moves us all. This transformative journey ultimately culminates in a material that shields our most vulnerable selves, providing protection for every human.

Unfinished Lines also invites contemplation on the role of textiles in our lives. With expressive prints and sculptural qualities, these textiles break away from the traditional canvas, adding depth and dimension to the artistic expression. They become more than just flat surfaces; they take on a physical presence, blurring the boundaries between art and sculpture. The interplay between the prints and the sculptural elements further enhances the immersive experience, drawing the viewer into a world where the artwork itself becomes a tangible extension of the concept.

From traditional oil on canvas to digitally printed artworks, Unfinished Lines explores the personal relationship between the body and the external environment. It illustrates how textiles can influence and shape our experiences, blurring the boundaries between ourselves and the world around us.

Creative direction, concept and performance: Elliott Nicole J. Waller 

Video in collaboration with Mathilda Bernmark. 

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