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Constraints Constructed 

(Exhibited at East of Elsewhere, Berlin 2018)

This exhibition explores the timeless symbol of power and masculinity embodied by the modern suit. Elliott Nicole delves into the tension between the suit's historical continuity and the evolving understanding of gender in contemporary society. Using the suit as a core motif, Elliott unravels the structures that confine self-expression and restrict the full spectrum of gender experiences.

Elliott's artistic repertoire encompasses a captivating range of opposites: light and dark, masculine and feminine, subconscious and expressed, anchored and unbound. It questions the boundaries put on the male identity not fully spoken about and asks visitors to reflect on their impact on society.


Each piece within the exhibition becomes a profound expression of Elliott's state of mind during its creation, collectively representing the vastness of Elliott's lived experience.


The aim is to immerse viewers in a transformative experience, challenging preconceived notions of identity and highlighting its dynamic, ever-changing nature. Additionally, Elliott explores the hypothesis that clothing not only shapes how the world perceives us but also alters our own perception of the world.

Within the exhibition, collaborating artists were invited to engage with the installation, responding to the space and engaging in a creative dialogue with Elliott. The closing performance served as a culmination of the ideas developed and nurtured within the physical and conceptual environment.


Elliott's work does not impose a singular viewpoint; instead, it encourages viewers to define their own perspectives and forge their paths of self-discovery. 


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