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Natural // Unnatural (Exhibited in Portugal, Funchal 2019)

In a digitized world where nature and humanity yearn for love, what happens to our inner selves? This film explores the struggle of reconnecting with our natural essence and finding inner balance in a time when nature reclaims its authority. It delves into the disconnection fostered by modern society, distancing us from each other and from the very source of our existence: nature. The textile artworks in this piece reflect profound symbols that penetrate the core of our material beings. Self-acceptance and the cultivation of a strong sense of self are portrayed as rooted in attentive listening and harmonizing with nature.

Natural // Unnatural is a collaborative multimedia performative installation created by Elliott Nicole J. Waller, Sebastian Dráb, and Asako Fujimoto.

The installation features large-scale textile artworks suspended from the ceiling, enveloping the visitor in an immersive environment. As they step into the space, ambient experimental sounds accompany a captivating video, shot in Madeira, that embodies the themes mentioned earlier. This dance piece serves as a visual expression, resonating with the various crafts reflected throughout the installation.

Natural // Unnatural offers a contemplative space for the audience to engage with the artwork's profound themes. It prompts reflection on the philosophy of the human-nature relationship and its impact on our psychological well-being. By inviting empathy for ourselves and everything that surrounds us, this piece encourages a reconsideration of our perspectives.

Creative direction, concept and performance: Elliott Nicole J. Waller 

Motion art: Sebastian Dráb 

Sound art: Asako Fujimoto 

Camera and direction: Maté Valtr 

Concept development and assistance: Zuzana Veliká 

Management: Beáta Zubáká

Sponsored by Kulturungdom

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